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Latex: The presence of rubber is so natural that we do not even notice it

There are approximately 50 thousand products in the market made from natural rubber, originating from the rubber tree, a tall tree which, by cutting a thin strip around the trunk, yields latex. People who buy a pair of tennis shoes or a baby nipple can hardly imagine that there is natural rubber in them.

With the most productive rubber tree plantations in the world, the State of São Paulo is the leading producer of latex in Brazil, thanks to research conducted by the Agronomic Institute. Rubber tree farming in São Paulo is responsible for the production of about 50% of all natural rubber in Brazil. In all, there are 80 thousand hectares that generate 15 thousand jobs in the countryside, besides positions in the industries – all activities that pave the way for opportunities in the private sector and the collection of taxes by the government.

The IAC experience and practices include upwards of 20 years in research into rubber tree plantations, resulting into the generation of new clones, with a high production potential, vigor and other characteristics adapted to the different edaphoclimatic conditions throughout the State of São Paulo. The Institute also provides the rubber tree growers with the best planting and managing practices, including the extraction of latex.

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